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Let's Talk SMU Virtual Steel Summit Conference

Written by John Packard

I need everyone to shake off your webinar fog….

The 2020 SMU Virtual Steel Summit Conference will not be a series of mind-numbing webinars.

It is time to give you a peek at a mock-up of the lobby for the 2020 SMU Virtual Steel Conference. When you click on your registration link for our virtual conference, you will enter through the lobby of the conference hall (tentative mock-up see below). From there you will be able to access the auditorium(s), exhibition hall and networking lounge.

At the top tool bar you will see there are a number of options for our attendees to choose from: exhibition hall, lounge, auditorium(s), video vault (on-demand), resources, swag bag, networking and our surveys. From here, you will be able to see all the registered attendees (name, company name, their title ) and be able to interact with them. Each attendee will be able to access their LinkedIn or Facebook photo so they can be recognized from “across the room”…

You will also be able to interact with registered attendees in the networking lounge area. Once in the lounge, you will be able to see who is in the lounge with you. You will be able to interact with them via chat, email or request a one-on-one video meeting.

In the lounge there will be a series of chat rooms. After a speaker concludes their presentation, we are going to ask them to go to the networking lounge and make themselves available for more questions from our attendees. This will be a group discussion. You will be able to request a private chat with the speakers as well.

Any SMU Steel Summit Conference, whether in person or virtual, will be an experience. We expect our attendees will enjoy the best speakers and valuable content on a wide array of subjects. We will also be the best place to interact with large numbers of executives from companies around North America (and the world for that matter).

We have more than 250 individuals already registered, including CEOs like David Burritt of U.S. Steel and Lourenco Goncalves of Cleveland-Cliffs/AK Steel.

When speaking with Philip Bell, president of the Steel Manufacturers Association, he told me to expect more “C-Suite” people at this event than normal. Time and travel are not an issue this year. Quality of content and attendees will mean the 2020 SMU Virtual Steel Summit Conference is THE place to be on Aug. 24-26.

Prices are $450 for one person who has no affiliation with SMU or CRU. We have $50 per person discounts for SMU and CRU member companies. We also have another $50 per person discount for companies who register more than one person. This means SMU/CRU member companies with more than a single individual attending are paying $350 per person.

And, we are expanding our program to allow for “on-demand” content. We will talk about our agenda in future communications on the conference.

This is only a small “taste” of what we have in mind. You will want to be there (without leaving your home or office).

To learn more or ask questions, please send an email to: or click here for the conference website.

To register please click here.

As always, your business is truly appreciated by all of us here at Steel Market Update.

John Packard, President & CEO

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