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Steel Summit Platform Remains Open Through Sept. 18

Written by Tim Triplett

The 2020 SMU Steel Summit Conference was a great success, with more than 900 industry executives registered for the virtual event this past week. In spite of the pandemic, this was the second largest conference in SMU’s 10-year history. And it’s not “over” yet.

One big advantage of a virtual conference is that it has life well beyond the three days of the event. The online platform will remain live through Sept. 18. Attendees have another three weeks to visit the platform and watch or rewatch all of the presentations and programming. 

The networking functions are all still active, as well. Attendees on the platform can continue to chat, exchange messages, set up video meetings, and reach out and connect. The Exhibition Hall also remains open, so be sure to visit all the booths and learn more about these companies, their products and services.



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