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SDI's Millett to Take Center Stage at SMU's Steel Summit

Written by Tim Triplett

As a co-founder of Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI), Mark Millett has had a front row seat to the dramatic changes the steel industry has staged over the past three decades. Actually, he has played a leading role in many of those changes and continues to choreograph the latest act in steel’s story with the imminent debut of SDI’s new mill in Sinton, Texas.

Millett, who is now SDI’s chairman as well as its chief executive, will bring a unique perspective to the program during Steel Market Update’s Steel Summit Aug. 23-25 in Atlanta, where he will sit for an in-depth, one-on-one interview with SMU President and Publisher John Packard.

Under Millett’s leadership, SDI reported record sales of $3.5 billion and record net income of $431 million in this year’s first quarter. In guidance issued this week, SDI said flat roll shipments are on track to achieve record quarterly volume in the second quarter. Looking ahead to the third quarter, the steelmaker expects even stronger results as robust order entry and historically low flat roll inventories continue to drive higher steel prices.

SDI plans to begin ramping up production at its new Texas electric arc furnace (EAF) mill in late summer. The $1.9-billion mill is expected to ship 2.2-2.4 million tons in 2022. SDI claims the new mill will have “Next Generation” capabilities for production of advanced high-strength steel grades, including automotive and energy grades.

But that’s not the only investment in the works. SDI plans two new flat rolled coating lines in the southern U.S. to support the Sinton mill. It also plans to locate two new coating lines in the Midwest by the second half of 2022, each comprised of a 300,000-ton galvanizing line, with Galvalume capability, and a 240,000-ton paint line.

SDI’s Texas campus has already begun to attract processors and other customers who are locating on-site to capitalize on the logistical advantages of partnering so closely with a leading supplier.

Among the subjects Millett will discuss during SMU’s Steel Summit: green and sustainable steelmaking. SDI prides itself on its environmental record. Its steel production is 100% EAF based. And EAF mills have inherent advantages over blast furnaces in terms of their use of recycled metal and reduced carbon emissions. Every ton of steel recycled reduces the need for 1,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone. SDI’s mills generate only 12% of the Scope 1 emissions per metric ton compared to the average U.S. blast furnace. About 84% of the material used in SDI’s furnaces to produce steel is recycled scrap and internally generated iron substitutes. Its mills use only 25% of the energy needed per metric ton versus world steel averages, the company claims.

Millett Bio 

Mark Millett is a co-founder of SDI and has held a variety of senior management positions. He has served on the board of directors since SDI’s inception in 1993 and was named board chairman in May, replacing Keith Busse. In August 2008, Millett was named Executive Vice President for Metals Recycling and Ferrous Resources, as well as President and Chief Operating Officer of OmniSource. From 1998 to 2008, he was responsible for SDI’s Flat Roll mill operations. Under his leadership, the business experienced significant growth, expansion, and portfolio diversification. As a result, SDI operates one of the most productive and profitable flat roll minimill operations in the United States. Millett assumed the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of Steel Dynamics in January 2012. Prior to the formation of Steel Dynamics, he worked for Nucor for 12 years. He holds a bachelor’s degree in metallurgy from the University of Surrey, England.

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