Commerce Adjusts Duties on Plate and Standard Pipe

Written by Laura Miller

The US Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration (ITA) has updated antidumping (AD) duties on cut-to-length plate from Belgium and welded standard pipe from Turkey, according to documents in the US government’s Federal Register.

CTL Plate from Belgium

The ITA recently finalized an administrative review of the AD duties on CTL plate from Industeel Belgium SA, having looked at the period May 1, 2020, through April 30, 2021. The agency determined a final weighted-average dumping margin of 1.14% for the company. The rate is slightly higher than the 0.51% rate set for the company in the prior one-year review.

Other Belgian companies were not evaluated in this review. Therefore, their rates will remain unchanged from the prior review. Rates set in that review were 5.76% for the NLMK Clabecq, NLMK Plate Sales, NLMK Sales Europe, NLMK Manage Steel Center, and NLMK La Louviere. A 3.14% rate was set for 18 individual companies including Edgen Murray, NLMK Dansteel, NLMK Verona, Salzgitter Mannesmann, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe, and voestalpine Grobblech. The all-others rate continues to be 5.4%.

The ITA also recently updated duties on CTL plate imports from Italy and South Korea.

Circular Welded Carbon Steel Standard Pipe and Tube from Turkey

In an administrative review of the AD duties on standard pipe from Turkey looking at the one-year period ended April 30, 2021, the ITA set final dumping margins of 15.56% for the Borusan Mannesmann group of companies, Kale Baglann Teknolojileri and Noksel Celik Boru Sanayi. The rate is notably higher than the 5.8% set for the companies in the prior review. The all-others rate is unchanged at 14.74%.

By Laura Miller,

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