HR Futures: Waiting for Clearer Signals of a Pickup in Demand

Written by Jack Marshall

Healthy hot-rolled (HR) futures activity year to date has been spurred by a pickup in physical sales as the market breaks into the first quarter of 2023.  

Open interest climbed from roughly 440,000 ST a side to about 520,000 ST a side before the January contract rolled off, and daily trading volume averaged north of 28,000 ST. Since year-end, some mills have announced an additional HR price increase to $800/ST, which has led the HR spot indexes to run up $84/ST (12/28/22 $664/ST to 1/25/2023 $748/ST).

Interestingly, while spot edges higher on the back of mill price increases, the forward curve settlement prices have shifted lower.  

At the end of Dec.’22 the forward curve had over $40/ST of contango. As spot has pushed up the front of the curve, the back end has dipped, leaving the curve pretty flat currently. Latest settlement values have the curve at $790 from March ’23 through Q1’24. Since year-end 2022, HR futures prices for quarterly average prices for Q2’23 through Q2’24 have dropped about $35/ST. So, while HR spot is supported, the HR futures market participants are less sure about the next year starting in the second quarter.

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Caution remains as market signals remain mixed, evidenced by capacity utilization, which hovers just below 73% as compared to improving business signal surveys.

BUS futures had a strong surge coming into January 2023 as the turn of the year cyclical flows helped push prices higher. Near-date BUS futures months have pushed up to the $475/GT level.

Some selling interest has come in and temporarily slowed the price appreciation. Early chatter is mixed for February expectations.

The latest settle for Feb.’23 futures is $460/GT, up slightly from the Jan.’23 settle at $449/GT. Mild winter weather and Federal Reserve moves have kept a lid on prices. However, increased demand could follow if China’s return from the Lunar New Year break has any legs.

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By Jack Marshall of Crunch Risk LLC

Jakc Marshall, SMU Contrubutor

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