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June Ferrous Scrap Exports Down Across the Board

Written by Brett Linton

Written by: Brett Linton

June ferrous scrap exports totaled 1,405,041 metric tons (1,548,791 net tons) with Turkey, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Egypt being the top five countries where scrap was sent. Exports to most of the big players in the market, with the exception of Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam, dropped dramatically from the prior month. Compared to the same month last year, ferrous scrap exports are down for all of the major countries besides Vietnam. The top ten countries of export are listed in the table below.


June ferrous scrap exports were 34.5 percent lower than previous month and 26.3 percent lower than the same month one year ago. This sharp decrease over the previous month is primarily attributed to the large decrease in tonnage to Turkey and China. There were also unusually large shipments going to Malaysia in May that contributed to the lower figures for June.

Brett Linton

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