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Apparent Steel Supply for October

Written by Brett Linton

Apparent steel supply for October was 9,445,160 net tons, a 12.63 percent increase compared to the same month one year ago. This was due to a large increase in domestic shipments and total imports, and a decrease in exports. The net trade balance from the difference between imports and exports was a surplus of imports totaling 1,967,970 net tons in October, an increase of 38.53 percent from one year prior. Finished imports continue to be 24 percent of the overall market.

When compared to last month when apparent steel supply was 9,043,420 NT, October apparent steel supply increased by 4.44 percent. Domestic shipments increased over the previous month by 5.18 percent, as did all of the other data points used in the calculation of apparent steel supply.

On a year to date basis, all of the 2013  figures are very close to what we saw during in 2012 but significantly higher than 2010 and 2011 figures.

Brett Linton

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