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SMU Survey: Steel Mill Negotiations

Written by Brett Linton

Based on the latest flat rolled steel market survey conducted by Steel Market Update since the beginning of this week, steel buyers and sellers reported the domestic mills as being less willing to negotiate hot rolled steel prices and continue to be less willing to negotiate cold rolled prices. When we reviewed the data on galvanized we found 50 percent of those responding to our survey as reporting the mills as willing to negotiate and 50 percent that they are not willing to negotiate. When it came to Galvalume those reporting the mills as willing to negotiate slipped to 40 percent from the 44 percent reported during the middle of July survey.

The data shown in the graphic below is based on the responses from manufacturing companies and service centers only. We do not ask our steel mills, trading companies, toll processors or suppliers to the industry questions on negotiations.

As with lead times, our negotiations results continue to point toward a stable market where those who have tonnage to place can find willing listeners. One of our responding companies reported to us today, “If you have any significant tons to be placed there are deals to be had.”

More information on our steel mill negotiations by product can be found on our website by going to the Analysis Tab > Survey Results > Negotiations or by clicking here.

Brett Linton

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