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Big River Steel Seeks Dismissal of Nucor Lawsuit

Written by Sandy Williams

Big River Steel has asked the Arkansas court to dismiss a federal lawsuit by Nucor Corp aimed at preventing construction of the new mill.

In documents filed Friday, Big River steel called the suit by Nucor “a scorched earth campaign.” Nucor claims that Big River Steel’s mill will violate the Clean Air Act, an allegation that Big River says is unfounded because the mill is not built or operable yet.

Big River Steel held its ground breaking ceremony a few weeks back and have been moving dirt for the plant since mid-July. Construction of the mill is expected to take two years with initial production anticipated for July 2016.

During the groundbreaking ceremony, which was attended by Steel Market Update publisher John Packard, Big River Steel’s chief commercial officer Mark Bula told us, “If a company or industry doesn’t innovate then it is natural to lobby and litigate in order to protect their market.” Later during the ceremony Big River Steel CEO John Correnti called the continuous law suits being filed by Nucor, “frivolous legal nonsense…” and, “a bunch of poppycock.” Correnti went on to say, “There is no need to try to drive a wedge between the citizens of Mississippi County.”

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