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August Foreign Steel Import Licenses Trending Toward 3.0 Million Tons

Written by John Packard

Earlier today the U. S. Department of Commerce released the latest license data through the 1st of September. Based on license data August total steel imports will be 3.0 million net tons. If confirmed when the Final Census data is released August will be the lowest tonnage so far this year.

When looking at flat rolled items we are seeing hot rolled as remaining essentially unchanged from the three month moving average. Coiled plate was modestly lower as was cold rolled.

Galvanized imports are expected to be about 274,000 tons which is about 25,000 tons lower than the 3 month and 12 month moving average.

Galvalume numbers continue to be about the same as we have been seeing over the past twelve months.

Cut plate is down significantly and is expected to be slightly less than 75,000 tons, well below the 112,300 ton 3-month moving average and the 160,564 ton 12-month moving average.

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