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Lisa Goldenberg: 2015 ASD Steel Man of the Year Award Winner

Written by Sandy Williams

The winner of the 2015 Steel Man of the Year is Lisa Goldenberg, the first woman to receive the award from the Association of Steel Distributors.  The press release from ASD follows:

The Association of Steel Distributors (ASD) is proud to announce Lisa Goldenberg has received the 2015 Steel Man of the Year Award. Since 1956, this award has recognized individuals who have made lasting contributions to the steel distribution industry over a significant period of time, and it is the most distinguished honor in the industry. Upon receiving the award, Goldenberg felt honored and humbled to become part of this rich legacy.

ASD President Brian D. Robbins, CEO of MidWest Materials, says, “Lisa embodies the full essence of a Steel Man of the Year award winner. She is a trailblazer, serving as the first female president of the ASD from 2012-2014 and now the first female Steel Man award recipient. These accomplishments perfectly encompass her tenacity and success in an industry that was once dominated by men. Her love, passion and commitment to the steel community are boundless.”

As a long-time member of ASD, Goldenberg explains that she has “given it her heart and soul, blood, sweat and tears.” Throughout her two terms as president, she helped drive multiple initiatives to grow future leaders. In addition to working with the board in the creation of the ASD Scholarship for member’s children, she also helped launch the Future Leaders Forum. Goldenberg also felt passionately about involving different types of organizations in the ASD membership, whether from various geographic locations, cultures or backgrounds.

Growing up, she was inspired by her grandfather, Bernard Brownstein, and father, Jerald Brownstein, who both served as presidents of ASD and received the Steel Man of the Year Award. “I grew up understanding the importance of this award and was raised with the core belief that networking with peers is a recipe for success.” She adds that, while she has given so much to ASD, she has also learned a great deal through mentor relationships with fellow members, board members and past presidents, serving as both the mentor and the mentee.

In addition to her expansive service to ASD, she is also the president of family-owned and operated Delaware Steel Company of Pennsylvania, a national wholesale distributor with sales throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada and inventory including a full line of aluminized, cold rolled, galvanized, galvalume, hot rolled and pickled. “I love this industry and I love manufacturing,” Goldenberg summarizes.

About the Association of Steel Distributors
Founded in 1943, the Association of Steel Distributors (ASD) is a not-for-profit organization, providing the steel distribution industry with a forum for ideas exchange and market information. Visit or call ASD Headquarters at 312.673.5793 for more information. Contact ASD Executive Director Marc Saracco at or contact ASD President Brian D. Robbins at

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