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NLMK USA to Re-Start #2 Galvanize Mill

Written by John Packard

NLMK USA will re-start production on their #2 galvanizing line at Sharon Coatings in late January. “We should start coating steel late January. The demand for our products is solid, especially for the coated products and restarting line 2 will allow us to better service the light gage requirements of both service center and OEM customers. The additional capacity will also improve our product availability out to 60″ wide,” said James Banker, Jr., Executive Vice President Commercial for NLMK USA in a statement to Steel Market Update on Friday.

The #2 conversion coating mill is a light gauge mill capable of running .0105” nominal on the light end to .070” (14 gauge) on the heavy end out to 60” in width. The mill also has a temper mill and tension leveling in line and can produce paint line quality extra smooth galvanized substrate.

Depending on product mix the line will produce around 20,000 net tons per month.

NLMK USA has three galvanizing lines although their #1 galvanizing mill has been month-balled for a number of years. The #3 galvanizing line is a heavier gauge 72” wide mill and has been the workhorse for NLMK USA since it came online in the mid-2000’s.

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