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Coil Coaters See Red Over Hike in Price of Paint

Written by Tim Triplett

Sherwin Williams, a major supplier of paint and coatings to coil coaters and other industries, announced a price hike on Monday, citing the need to recoup the escalating costs of raw materials. The company notified its customers to expect a 5 percent increase on all shipments of PVDF and FEVE topcoats, a 7 percent increase on all other topcoats, and a 5 percent hike on all primers and backers, effective Oct. 1.

Customers are not happy about it. “We have seen a 4-7 percent increase from all the major paint companies effective 10/1/17. Not sure what this is based on since the price of oil has dropped from $100 a barrel to less than $50, which means we should have seen a significant reduction in the price of paint,” said one coatings buyer.

“Was there a decrease in the price of paint when the cost of chemicals dropped in 2014? No, there has never been a paint decrease. The cost levels for chemicals are not back to where they were in 2014 when the last price increase was announced and natural gas is lower. I will be fighting this increase,” said another.

SMU will follow up on the rising cost of coatings and the potential impact on the market for pre-painted steel.


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