Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Written by Tim Triplett

John Packard is on an airplane somewhere over the Atlantic, on his way to meet with our new colleagues at the CRU Group, which is headquartered in London. I’m sure John would agree, as he travels far away, that this comment from a Steel Market Update subscriber hits very close to home.

Responding to our query this week about the current atmosphere for pricing and mill negotiations, one service center executive shared the following thoughts: “Domestically, there isn’t much to negotiate. The number is the number. For imports, it’s all about the continued uncertainty of what the next tweet could be and how to do business without knowing the rules. There has NEVER been a time when having good business partners, not just vendors but true business partners, has been more important.” 

I think the message holds true for all types of relationships. Steel Market Update was acquired by the CRU Group less than a month ago, so our partnership is still evolving. But the synergies between the two organizations are unmistakable and the possibilities are limitless. When John gets back from London, I’m sure his head will be full of new ideas for new products and new programs to help Steel Market Update subscribers navigate today’s treacherous steel market.

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