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Next Steel 101 Workshop Set for Dec. 11-12 in Toledo

Written by John Packard

Steel Market Update steel training workshops continue to be very popular. We are finding many companies sending their new people to our flagship Steel 101 workshop. This workshop is excellent for those new to the industry; however, it is not just for new employees. It is an excellent way to expand the knowledge base of veteran employees, those changing positions within the company, new executives coming into the industry, as well as those who just want a refresher course on how steel is made, how flat (sheet & plate) and long (bars/beams/wire, etc.) products are rolled, and the various factors that influence steel prices, from commodities pricing to market forces such as trade remedies.

steel 101The next workshop will be held on Dec. 11-12 in Toledo, Ohio. On the first day of the workshop, we will go through the steelmaking process from both the fully integrated as well as electric arc furnace (minimill) processes. In the afternoon, we will visit the North Star BlueScope steel mill.

On the second day of the workshop, we mix things up a bit by discussing how different qualities of steel are made, commodities and the impact of commodity prices on finished steel theoretical costs, how steel is bought and sold (flat and long products), what affects market pricing, etc. We end the program with SMU Publisher John Packard discussing the current market situation, as well as tools that are available for those attending to find information on their own.

We have a fantastic group of instructors. For the upcoming Toledo Steel 101 workshop, we will have Peter Wright, metallurgist, EAF/long products expert and market analyst, who works on many of our Premium articles. Joining Peter will be another metallurgist, Chuck McDaniels, who is an integrated steel mill expert; Steve Painter, a sheet, plate, and tin mill product sales specialist from the steel mill side of the industry; Mario Briccetti, a purchasing expert from the OEM side; and John Packard, SMU publisher and former sales specialist in the service center, trading company and steel mill sides of the industry.

Participants in the workshop receive a 100+ page workbook, two days of instruction and three months of Premium level access to our website and newsletter, which is worth more than $500 by itself.

You can find more details and register by visiting our website: or by contacting our offices at 800-432-3475.

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