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Ternium CEO Máximo Vedoya to Address Steel Summit

Written by Sandy Williams

Latin American steel producer Ternium took COVID-19 assistance a step beyond its own needs in the second quarter. The company built a 112-bed field hospital in Monterrey, Mexico, with a fully equipped intensive care unit as well as supplying 25 intensive care units to two hospitals in Rio de Janeiro and 100 beds and intensive care equipment to a field hospital in Ensenada, Argentina.

“Our aim was to help all of our communities in the region,” said CEO Máximo Vedoya. “To maximize the effectiveness of our help, we worked together with directors of key hospitals in each of Ternium’s locations to determine the specific needs in each case. All in all, with a $5.5 million dedicated fund, we were able to build a field hospital and donated beds, intensive care equipment, ventilators and other medical equipment as well as safety kits for health professionals to 16 hospitals and health care facilities in four countries. Our global procurement platform had a key role in this effort as it was able to purchase the required equipment and have it delivered to each location.”

Additionally, Ternium spearheaded a virtual network of medical professionals from local communities in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Columbia with colleagues at Humanitas, an Italian network of hospitals. Humanitas doctors were able to share their experience in dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy with their counterparts in Mexico and South America.

Ternium is proving its commitment to helping its communities thrive by investing more than $60 million in the past five years for schools, technical training, healthcare, and cultural and sports initiatives.

Máximo Vedoya is one of the featured executives that will speak at the SMU Steel Summit 2020. You may register for the event here.

VedoyaMSpeaker’s Bio

Máximo Vedoya was appointed  Chief Executive Officer of Ternium in March 2018. Prior to that, he served as President of Ternium Mexico. He has held several other executive positions since joining the Techint Group in 1992, such as chief executive officer of Ferrasa, director of Ternium Mexico’s international and steel purchase operations, commercial director and export manager of Sidor and commercial planning manager of Ternium Argentina. He was also director of Fedemetal (the Colombian Federation of Metallurgical Industries), AIMM (Venezuelan Association of Metallurgical and Mining Industry) and is currently president of Canacero (Mexican steel association), president of Alacero, vice president of Caintra (Nuevo León Industrial Chamber), vice president of CONCAMIN (Mexican industrial chamber) and general counsellor of UDEM (University of Monterrey, Mexico).

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