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U.S. Steel Intros Lower-Emission verdeX Steel

Written by Sandy Williams

U.S. Steel introduced a new sustainable product line, verdeX, at the Ceres Conference 2021 last week. The advanced high-strength steel can be produced with only one-fourth of the carbon dioxide emissions previously required, the company claims.

“We know that the urgency of the climate crisis requires more from all of us,” said U S. Steel President and CEO David B. Burritt in a video message. “So, we’re changing our portfolio of steelmaking technologies. Creating something new, steels that are best for our customers and best for our planet. Together we can build a sustainable future.”

The new steel will be produced at U.S. Steel’s LEED-certified subsidiary Big River Steel.

“Making steel is historically carbon-intensive,” said Burritt. “But once produced it is infinitely recyclable. We’re also exploring ways to source power from greener and carbon-free sources. As always, we’re partnering with customers to reimagine what steel can be and how it can make them successful. It’s all part of an aggressive goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% across our global footprint by 2030. As we execute on that goal, we know more needs to be done for our customers and for the planet.

“Sure, we want to be the best at steelmaking, but we want to do it in the most sustainable way with advanced high technology and the creativity of our people now producing an essential product: sustainable steel.”

An informational video on verdeX can be viewed here. Additional information will be provided by U.S. Steel in the coming weeks.

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