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Matandy Metal Companies Converted to 100% Employee Owned

Written by Laura Miller

The Hamilton, Ohio-based Matandy steel and metal companies are now 100% employee owned.

The prior owners of 35 years, Frank and Joanne Pfirman, recently converted the company to an employee stock option plan, surprising its 110 employees on Sept. 28 with the announcement.

Matandy “I knew if we were to sell to a competitor or venture capitalist, there was a strong possibility that the culture we all worked so hard to establish would be gone and, in all probability, jobs could be lost. Joanne and I both wanted to make sure that did not happen. This also ensures that Matandy will stay in Hamilton,” said Frank Pfirman.

The Matandy Companies consist of Matandy Steel and Metal Products LLC, JN Linrose Manufacturing LLC, and Lamp Metal Trusses Corp.

Matandy Steel and Metal Products is a service center specializing in the processing of aluminized, hot-dip galvanized, electro-galvanized, cold-rolled, galvannealed, Galvalume, and hot-rolled pickled and oiled flat-rolled products.

JN Linrose is a steel framing and stud manufacturer as well as a full steel service center that’s been in operation in Hamilton since 2007.

Lamp Metal Trusses, founded in Oakwood, Ga. as Metalite Inc., specializes in cold-formed steel roof trusses and roof decking systems. It’s been a part of the Matandy group of companies since 2011.

By Laura Miller,

Laura Miller

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