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Commerce Completes Sunset Reviews of Welded Pipe Import Duties

Written by Laura Miller

Import duties on welded pipe and tube from a handful of countries are likely to remain in place for another five years, pending final injury determinations in two sunset reviews.

The US Department of Commerce recently completed two expedited sunset review cases: one of antidumping duties on welded carbon steel pipe and tube from India, Thailand, and Turkey; and another on circular welded non-alloy steel pipe (with outside diameters (ODs) between 4.5 and 16 inches) from Brazil, Mexico, Korea, and Taiwan, as well as circular welded carbon steel pipe and tube (with ODs between 0.375 and 4.5 inches) from Taiwan.

In the welded carbon pipe and tube case, Commerce determined that allowing the duties to expire, or sunset, would likely lead to a continuation or recurrence of dumping at margins of 87.93% for India, 15.6% for Thailand, and 23.12% for Turkey. This is the fifth sunset review of these duties.

For the circular pipe case, Commerce again said allowing the expiration of the duties would likely result in continuing dumping at margins of 103.38% for Brazil, 7.32% for Mexico, 1.2% for Korea, and 27.65% (for larger ODs) and 8.91% (for smaller ODs) for Taiwan.

Sunset reviews are required to be conducted every five years, per international trade law.

Note that the US International Trade Commission must issue its own final injury determinations in these sunset cases before it’s confirmed that the duties will indeed remain in place for another five years. Affirmative ITC injury determinations will result in the continuation of the duties, while negative injury determinations would result in the duties being scrapped completely.

By Laura Miller,

Laura Miller

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