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Steel Summit 2023 Speaker Focus: Philip K. Bell

Written by Becca Moczygemba

Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) president Philip K. Bell will be joining as a panelist and presenter at the 2023 SMU Steel Summit Conference Aug. 21-23 in Atlanta.

“I’ve been attending Steel Summit for over a decade, and each year it gets bigger and better,” Bell said in a sitdown with SMU.

This year he will be participating in the trade panel, discussing government policies and private initiatives in international commerce. The panel will also talk about the ongoing negotiations toward decarbonization, a movement Bell is well versed in as he joined the “Decarbonization and Carbon Credits Panel” at Steel Summit in 2022.

Trade is one of the most important commercial and public policy issues that drive our steel market, said Bell. He noted that there’s been a lot of buzz around the discussion on the global arrangement between the US and EU this year. The question of what a final solution will look like, whether it is tariff rate quotas or something else, he said, has yet to be determined.

Bell emphasized that though decarbonization is important, he’s looking forward to engaging with a variety of speakers on various topics.

“Service centers, transportation, and so much more. You guys have created the recipe for a great conference,” said Bell.

“I think some heavy-hitting topics this year include the supply of raw materials, most notably ferrous scrap for EAF steel producers,” Bell said, along with trade.

“Where are we going with the global arrangement discussions with the EU?” he asked. “How are we dealing with what we’re seeing with some import surges? And, of course, what does the future of the steel industry look like and why is this a great, glorious industry that can build careers?”

“This event continues to be the one event that gives young, up-and-coming steel industry professionals a chance to learn, connect, and grow through the NexGen Metals Community,” Bell said. SMA was the inaugural sponsor of the NexGen award and community, and continues to be very active in the group, he noted. “These folks are going to be the future leaders of our industry.”

Aside from being a speaker, Bell said he enjoys attending because it gives him the opportunity to hear from leaders in the industry and throughout the whole supply chain. “I find that to be extremely valuable to my roll at SMA, and I’m really glad to be a part of it,” he said. “And it’s good for people who are new to the industry. It gives people a view outside of the role they are engaged in. You get to understand what the mills’ perspective is, you might interact with an operations or commercial person from the mill, or an industry analyst. It’s a great way to network and learn.”

By Becca Moczygemba,

Becca Moczygemba

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