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Big River Steel Taking Planned Maintenance Outage

Written by Laura Miller

U.S. Steel has an upcoming mill outage planned for routine maintenance at its Big River Steel mill in Osceola, Ark.

“We have routine maintenance planned at Big River Steel in the second half of 2023. This will not impact our ability to meet customer demand,” a spokesperson for U.S. Steel said in an email to SMU.

A source told SMU the outage is scheduled for 10 days in September. Last year, the mill took a week-long outage in October.

The spokesperson declined to say if U.S. Steel had any other upcoming mill outages in the works.

The Big River mill currently has an annual steelmaking capacity of 3.3 million tons of flat-rolled steel, according to the company’s website. U.S. Steel acquired the mill in 2021.

The Big River 2 expansion currently underway will turn the mill’s campus into a “mega” mill with an annual capacity of 6.3 million tons.

A non-grain oriented electrical steel line at Big River is currently being commissioned and is on track to start up later in the current quarter. A full run rate of 200,000 tons per year of its Indux steel is expected to be achieved in 2024.

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