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SMU Community Chat: Reibus talks the tech revolution in steel

Written by Michael Cowden

New Reibus CEO Temy Mancusi-Ungaro and company President Chris Shipp will join SMU for the inaugural Community Chat of 2024 on Wednesday, Jan. 10, at 11 am ET. You can register here.

What we’ll discuss

Reibus recently changed leadership with company founder John Armstrong stepping away from the day-to-day. Mancusi-Ungaro became CEO on Nov. 29 and Shipp rejoined Reibus as president on Dec. 18.

We’ll talk about how the Atlanta-based digital marketplace for metals will evolve and change under their stewardship. We’ll also discuss why changes to how steel is bought and sold could be revolutionized by new technologies.

With tools like AI, Reibus thinks transformations to traditional business practices and logistics could come at “light speed” – and bring a bright future to steel in the process. “No industry is immune to technological revolutions. Walls will be brought down, and historic shifts will take place – reshaping the foundations of the steel industry,” Shipp said.

Why you should listen

In short, Mancusi-Ungaro, a software executive, knows tech. And Shipp, an industry veteran, knows steel.

Before joining Reibus, Mancusi-Ungaro was CEO of Reachdesk, a data-driven corporate gifting firm. He was responsible for strategy and operations, ultimately leading the company to quadruple revenue in two years.

Shipp served 22 years in the U.S. Navy, deploying all over the globe. After retiring from the U.S. Navy in 2010, he worked for more than 11 years at Priefert Manufacturing/Priefert Steel in Mount Pleasant, Texas. There he served in multiple roles, including VP of sales, procurement, and supply chain – where he drove unprecedented revenue growth. Shipp has also held positions as SVP at Reibus International and as president of Kingdom Pipe & Steel in Texas. Additionally, he is an SMU Steel 101 instructor.

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