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Flat Rolled Steel "Imports by Product, Port, & Country"

Written by John Packard

One of the analytical reports that Steel Market Update shares with our Premium Level subscribers is our flat rolled steel “Imports by Product, Port & Country” analysis. Once per month, Steel Market Update produces our analysis of the U.S. government import data and we break out hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized and Galvalume,plates in coils as well as slab imports. This provides our readers more details as to where products are going and in some circumstances we are able to identify specific customers or customer groups that are importing foreign steel.

Early this week Steel Market Update will analyze the latest data released (May 2014) and we will publish our Imports by Product, Port & Country into our website. At this time, even though it is a Premium Level product, all of our members – including free trials – will have access to the data as well as any Premium Level articles we produce regarding our analysis. This is something special we are doing for our members for the month of July.

While Executive members have access to import data, our Premium “Import by Product, Port, & Country” goes beyond what is offered to Executive members.  The primary distinction is revealed in the name.  Whereas “Import History” shows monthly import tonnage for a variety of products (HR, CR, Semi-Finished, OCTG, Galvanized, other metallic coated, plate coils, and plate length), “Import by Product, Port, & Country” provides greater insight into tonnage segregated by geographic district, arrival port within that geographic district, country of origin, total tonnage, the port’s year-to-date tonnage total, yearly total, change year over year, imports ranked per year-to-date into district, and imports ranked per year-to-date by exporting country.

This data is updated monthly and the statistics provided cover hot rolled steel imports, cold rolled steel imports, galvanized steel imports, other metallic coated (Galvalume & aluminized) steel imports, semi-finished steel imports, and plate in coils steel imports. 

We will be publishing the latest available data either late on Monday or early on Tuesday of this week. Along with the data, we will produce a Premium Level supplemental article about the data.

Much of this data, as well as additional analysis, are referenced in our Premium supplemental articles that are published roughly twice a month.  If you haven’t yet explored this portion of the SMU website, you may do so by navigating to “Analysis” at the top of our website: a drop down will appear, hover over “Import/Export Data,” another drop down will appear, at the bottom of the drop down list click on “Imports by Product, Port, & Country.”  There you will find all of the current import data as well as historical “Imports by Product, Port, & Country” data.

We hope that you will take advantage of this temporary access to our Imports by Product, Port & Country data.  We are sure that you will find it to be of value.

To register for a free trial click here or on any of the free trial buttons or links on our website.

If you would like to learn more about the values associated with Premium Level membership please feel free to contact us: or by phone: 800-432-3475.

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