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AISI Capacity Adjustments: Q1 2016 Through Today

Written by Brett Linton

Steel Market Update is being asked whether Big River Steel’s production has been added to the raw steel capacity that the AISI uses when calculating capacity utilization rates. The short answer is we don’t think so. The AISI did make a change and increased quarterly capacity for the 4th Quarter 2016 from 30.7 to 31.2 million tons. The Q1 2017 continues to be 31.2 million tons.

The latest capacity note in the AISI weekly raw steel production reports: Capability for the First Quarter 2017 is approximately 31.2 million tons compared to 30.4 million tons for the same period last year and 31.2 million tons for the Fourth Quarter of 2016.

The notes before that:

Q4 2016 31.2 million tons
Q3 2016 30.7 million tons
Q2 2016 30.4 million tons
Q1 2016 30.5 million tons
Q4 2015 31.4 million tons
Q3 2015 31.4 million tons
Q2 2015 30.7 million tons
Q1 2015 30.4 million tons

Brett Linton

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