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DOC Releases Section 232 Recommendation to Trump

Written by John Packard

Secretary Ross has released the 3 recommendations on steel made to President Trump. DOC has found that imports of steel products threaten national security and have made the following recommendations on steel.

Remedy 1 – Global tariff on all countries of 24%,

Remedy 2 – targeted list of 12 countries with tariff of 53%, all others will have quota of 100% of 2017 exports to U.S.,

Remedy 3 – quota on all countries of 63% of 2017 exports to U.S.

Each of these remedies are above and beyond the antidumping (AD) and countervailing duties (CVD)

President Trump has until April 11, 2018 to make his decision and he is not bound by the DOC recommendations. He can adjust any final ruling to suit how he sees the numbers should be.

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