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Canadian USW Urges Continued Safeguards Due to U.S Steel Tariffs

Written by Sandy Williams

With no end in sight for U.S.-imposed steel tariffs, United Steelworkers in Canada urge the federal government to keep safeguards in place to guard against foreign steel imports.

“Our members themselves are appearing this month before the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) to make the case for extending safeguard measures beyond the original 200-day period that began in October,” said Ken Neumann, USW National Director for Canada.

“The need to extend the safeguards is compounded by the continuing unfair, U.S.-imposed, 25-percent tariffs on Canadian steel,” he said. “The Liberal government has so far failed in its efforts to end this attack on Canadian jobs in a critical industry.”

Neumann blamed Section 232 tariffs imposed in March by the United States for an “abnormal” increase in foreign steel imports into Canada.

“Of course, we must rigorously defend our steel industry from a glut of foreign steel made cheap because of labour, human rights and environmental exploitation,” said Neumann. “We need safeguards to ensure the stability of the steel market and to dampen the effects of Trump’s tariffs.

“Beyond that, a more permanent and rational approach to steel trade is what is needed most, starting with the integrated North American market and the removal of tariffs based on a bogus charge of Canada being a threat to U.S. national security.”

USW members from Algoma Steel Inc., Stelco, Ivaco, Tenaris, ArcelorMittal, Nova Tube, Evraz and AltaSteel are attending the CITT Ottawa hearings, which are scheduled to end on Jan. 24.

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