SMU's June At-a-Glance

Written by Brett Linton

Steel prices rose in the beginning of June, following May price increase announcements by the mills, but began to decline in the middle of the month and reached $480 per ton as of this week. Scrap prices were flat to down over May, while zinc and aluminum prices increased in June.

SMU Buyers Sentiment Index readings increased over June, with Current Sentiment rising further into positive territory and reaching +39 at the end of the month. Future Sentiment ended the month at +45, while the three-month moving average reached +17.67 as of last Friday. Sentiment readings in the chart below are averages for the month.

The SMU Price Momentum Indicator remained at Neutral for most of June, moving to Lower on the last day of the month as flat rolled steel prices trended downward.

Key indicators of steel demand were up compared to the downturn seen in the prior month. The AIA Billings Index rose to 32.0, and private employment increased by nearly 3,100 jobs.

See the chart below for other key metrics in the month of June:

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