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Duties adjusted on coated imports from South Korea, Taiwan

Written by Laura Miller

The US Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration (ITA) has updated the antidumping duties on coated sheet imports from South Korea and Taiwan.

The periods of review in these cases were July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022.

South Korea

For corrosion-resistant sheet products imported from South Korea, the ITA set final weighted-average dumping margins of 0% for Hyundai Steel and 0.53% for seven specific companies: Dongkuk Coated Metal, KG Dongbu Steel, Posco, Posco International, Posco Steeleon, SeAH Coated Metal, and SeAH Steel.

The rates differ slightly from the 0% margins set in the preliminary results of the review.

For the prior one-year period, Hyundai’s dumping margin was 0%, while certain other companies had margins of 1.79%.


For corrosion-resistant sheet imports from Taiwan, the ITA set final weighted-average dumping margins of 0.71% for several specific companies: Prosperity Tieh Enterprise, China Steel Corp., Chung Hung Steel, Great Fortune Steel, Great Grandeul Steel, and Sheng Yu Steel.

The margins are higher than the ones the ITA found in its preliminary findings.

The new 0.71% rate is lower than the rates set by the ITA for the prior one-year period. They were 3.74% for Prosperity Tieh, 4.14% for Sheng Yu, and 4.89% for Yieh Phui Enterprise.

Laura Miller

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