AHRI shipments continued to decline in November

Written by Ethan Bernard

Domestic shipments of heating and cooling equipment declined for a third consecutive month in November, according to the latest data released from the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI).

Shipments fell 13% month on month (m/m) and 8% year on year (y/y) to 1,463,313 units in November. On a 12-month moving average (12MMA) basis, shipments were down 1% to 1,773,657 units vs. 1,791,429 units the prior month.

The chart below shows the annual rate of change in total heating and cooling shipments on a three-month moving average (3MMA) basis. It shows November shipments as being down 10%.

November shipments of residential and commercial storage water heaters fell 5% m/m to a combined 778,140 units. However, shipments increased 13% y/y from 690,874 units.

Shipments of central air conditioners and air-source heat pumps were down 14% m/m and 35% y/y to 455,860 units. A total of 250,170 AC units and 205,690 heat pump units were shipped in November.

The year-to-date combined total of all products through November stood at 42,814,627 units, up 99% from a year earlier.

The full press release of this data is available on the AHRI website.

An interactive history of heating and cooling equipment shipment data is available on our website. If you need assistance logging in to or navigating the website, please contact us at info@steelmarketupdate.com.

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