Final Thoughts

Final thoughts

Written by Brett Linton & Ethan Bernard

From integrated to EAF, from hot-dipped galv to cold-rolled sheet, to the reputable vacuum tank degasser, the steel industry definitely has its own jargon. And we know our readers know that lingo backwards and forwards. Rather than test you on it, we thought we’d do something different.

In this special “Two-sday” edition of our crossword feature, we’re looking at double-meanings of steel terms. You know, from another angle, not necessarily a right angle but hopefully a humorous one with a pun here and there. So, have a look at the clues below, and try to see how they relate to the world of steel.

Note: We are doing a steel-themed crossword every week leading up to our Steel 101 course on June 11-12 in Fort Wayne, Ind. The course includes a tour of SDI Butler, an EAF sheet mill. If you want to learn more about steelmaking or market fundamentals, this is the course for you.

Steel history

Did you know the month of May each year was dedicated to steel? Approved on Nov, 2, 1966, by a joint resolution, Congress established May as “Steelmark Month.” Also, on April 8, 1967, President Lyndon B. Johnson called upon all the people of the country to observe the month every year. How are you celebrating?


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