Final Thoughts

Final thoughts

Written by Brett Linton & Ethan Bernard

We have highlighted a few significant moments in steel history in our last few Final Thoughts crosswords. This week we decided to dedicate the entire crossword to it.

The steel industry in the US has a long and storied past. Business cycles go up and down. Mills, companies, they rise and fall, and sometimes rise again. Change is the nature of the game. But it always goes in one direction: forward.

Below are some famous steel mills and companies that no longer exist, but made a lasting impact on the steel landscape, as well the history of this country in general.

While this week we took a look back, our final crossword next week will be forward-looking. And we’re confident that our readers will be some of the people shaping that future. On the heels of next week will be our Steel 101 course on June 11-12 in Fort Wayne, Ind. The course includes a tour of SDI Butler, an EAF sheet mill. If you want to learn more about steelmaking or market fundamentals, this is the course for you.


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