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SMU crossword: Essential 11 steel terms for fun and business

Written by David Schollaert & Ethan Bernard

Steel 101

The final countdown to our Steel 101 course has arrived. Held in Fort Wayne, Ind., on June 11-12, all the main ins and outs of steelmaking will be covered. And there will be a tour of SDI’s Butler mill. You can still register here for one of the few spots left, or reach out to us at

Essential 11

Over the past few weeks in these crosswords, we’ve covered a lot of ground. With this our final crossword before our Steel 101 course on June 11-12, we thought we’d do something a little different.

We’ve covered the past in previous puzzles. We’ve puzzled about mills no longer around. And we’ve riddled about key moments in steel history. This one is for the present, tomorrow, and even the day after tomorrow.

Whereas our Steel 101 course methodically covers all facets of the industry, this week’s crossword covers 11 terms. Now, they are not exhaustive. They are in no particular order. But they are good terms to throw around, especially if you want to prove to others that you know what you’re talking about.

Why 11? Because it’s one less than a Baker’s Dozen. Or think of it as 10 with one extra thrown in for good luck. However you view these 11 items, we hope you will enjoy the puzzle, and that you can throw in at least one of the terms in your next steel conversation.


Click here to attempt this week’s essentials crossword.

Need help? Click here to see the answers.

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