Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Written by John Packard

That sound you may be hearing is the drums (again) pounding, pounding louder and louder. I continue to get calls from people who “heard from a friend” that the dumping suits are days, maybe hours away. I don’t know if it is the boy in the woods crying wolf for the umpteenth time. Or a vision of what is soon to be a reality. I think most believe that the suits will become a reality. However, there are those who believe it will be all for nothing. I will go into that in more detail in Sunday evening’s edition of SMU…

I will also write about our next Steel 101 workshop which will be in Davenport, Iowa in early October.

But first, I have to talk all of you into attending what will be one of the finest Steel Summit Conferences ever. I can say that every year because one of my goals is to improve upon and surpass (and not repeat) the previous year’s exceptional conference. We will succeed in doing it once again with this year’s event.

No excuses:

Dates: Arrival into Atlanta on August 31, 2015 mid to late afternoon. You want to allow for some networking time at the bar at the Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway Hotel. We will be there and we will try to drag as many of our speakers to the hotel as possible…

Day 1 will begin at 8 AM on Tuesday, September 1st with a special pre-Summit program conducted by Paul Lowrey of Steel Research Associates. The day will end with a cocktail party at the convention center.

Day 2 will begin with breakfast at 7:30 and our Keynote speaker, Alan Beaulieu of the Institute for Trend Research at 8:15. If you have not heard Mr. Beaulieu speak before, you will not be disappointed. Day 2 will be worth staying until the end (around 3:30 PM) as we will have Dan DiMicco and a panel about Government, Regulation and Trade. Probably just what the doctor ordered should the dumping suits actually get filed.

Cost: $1200 per person before discounts. Early bird (register before July 1st) drops the price to $1000 and if your company is an SMU member it drops to $900 per person.

If you want to send a whole bunch of people – give me a call – 770-596-6268.

Registration: Can be done on our website or you can contact our office: 800-432-3475.

If you can’t attend: Please recommend our conference to your friends in the industry.

As always your business is truly appreciated by all of us here at Steel Market Update.

John Packard, Publisher

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Final thoughts

What's the tea in the steel industry this week? Here's the latest SMU gossip column! Just kidding... kind of. Yes, some of the comments we receive in our weekly flat-rolled market steel buyers' survey are honestly too much to put into print. Some make us laugh. Some make us cringe. Some are cryptic. Most are serious. We appreciate them all. Below are some highlights from our survey results this week. Some of the comments that we can share with you are also included, in italics, in the buyers' own words, with minimal editing on our part.

Final thoughts

Unless you've been under a rock, you know by know that Nucor's published HR price for this week is $760 per short ton, down $65/st from the company’s $825/st a week ago. I could use more colorful words. But I think it’s safe to say that most of the market was not expecting this. For starters, US sheet mills never announce price decreases. (OK, not never. It has come to my attention that Severstal North America rescinded a price increase back on Feb. 14, 2012. And it caused quite the ruckus.)