RMU: Key discussions at the ISRI Convention 2024

Written by Gabriella Vagnini & Stephen Miller

As the ISRI 2024 conference unfolds in Las Vegas, attendees are diving into crucial discussions shaping the future of the recycling industry. Here are the main topics being discussed:

New steelmaking capacity coming online this year

  • How will the introduction of new steelmaking capacity affect the balance of supply and demand in the market? Will the need for low residual scrap push prices up for this grade and other scrap substitutes?

Export demand during this period

  • Will there be an increase in export demand? What effect will this have on domestic prices? Will increased exports of new and semi-finished steel from China dampen demand for scrap in the Far East and South Asia?

Infrastructure spending

  • How significant is the expected increase in infrastructure spending? Will both flat-rolled and long products producers see an increase in their business thereby increasing scrap demand? Projects like energy, bridge, road construction and others may be a boon for steel producers.

Supply of pig iron and HBI

  • What factors will influence the availability and flow of pig iron and DRI/HBI, and how might this impact pricing dynamics? Will Ukrainian pig iron continue supplying the US market? Brazilian material has increased over the last month. Will this trend continue?

Current logistics challenges

  • What are the primary logistical challenges currently facing the industry, and how are they expected to evolve in the coming months? What projects scheduled on our river system could affect the inbound and outbound flow of scrap and other steelmaking raw materials? Will federal trucking regulations reduce the number of drivers available to deliver scrap? Will geopolitical events drive up the maritime freight rates?

May scrap prices

  • What factors are likely to drive fluctuations in scrap prices during May, and what implications might this have for market participants? Has the scrap market finally hit bottom? Will increased steel production translate into higher price tags for scrap?

Green steel

  • What specific advancements or initiatives in green steel production are influencing market dynamics, and how are they being perceived by consumers and investors? Will regulations be imposed on the scrap community?
  • What regulatory changes or market developments in India are impacting the non-ferrous scrap sector, and how might this affect global supply chains?

Non-ferrous scrap availability and flows

  • What factors are influencing the availability and flow of non-ferrous scrap, and how are market participants adapting to changing supply dynamics?

Non-ferrous LME aluminum and COMEX copper rally

  • What’s behind it and where will it go from here? How will it continue to affect scrap prices? 

LME ban on Russian metal

  • On Friday, April 13, the LME officially banned trading Russian metal. How will this affect the non-ferrous scrap market?

In addition to these important discussions, we invite you to visit CRU and Recycled Metals Update at booth #2260, where you can engage with our team and explore our latest offerings. Stop by and say hi to SMU’s Managing Editor, Michael Cowden, who will be there as well.

Don’t miss CRU’s John Ball on the panel for the Spotlight on Ferrous discussion on Tuesday at 10:45 a.m. for valuable insights into this critical sector.

Also, drop by CRU/Recycled Metals Update Live Demo on Wednesday at 3:00 p.m., located at the Hospitality Lounge #5 – Bayside B, to learn more about our mission and vision for advancing sustainability in the recycling industry. Join us as we shape the future of recycling together.

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