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A Special Thank You to Our Conference Sponsors/Exhibitors

Written by Brett Linton

One of the reasons why the SMU Steel Summit Conference is successful and growing at a time when most conferences are not is due to the options we are given through the support of our sponsors and exhibitors. The cost to put on a three-day conference is truly staggering. Nonetheless, one of our goals has always been to provide a top-notch conference at an affordable price for those wishing to attend. We may well be the best attended steel conference in North America this year and, if so, it will be at the lowest ticket price of any of the major conferences. Our sponsors allow us the flexibility to control our ticket prices.

I want to take a moment to thank all of our sponsors. Pacesetter is our Conference Sponsor and they are also sponsoring the WiFi during the conference. Pacesetter agreed to be the top sponsor for our Steel Summit Conference for three years so that we could make commitments into the future. Please take a moment to thank the Pacesetter team when you come across them during the conference.

Our Corporate Sponsors are Bank of America Merrill Lynch (the banking side, not the investment/research side) and Mill Steel Company.

We have a unique program on Monday that we call at “Pre-Summit” Conference and we have an “informal” reception over the entire evening. Both of these are being sponsored by Flack Global Metals.

On Tuesday afternoon, right at the end of the program for the day, Heidtman Steel will host our formal networking/cocktail party at the Georgia International Convention Center (4 until 5:30 PM).

Our two lunch sponsors are Nucor and Ryerson.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we have unlimited coffee and tea available all day long. Our “coffee” sponsors are Magic Coil Products and Alliance Steel.

We have four break periods during the Tuesday and Wednesday programs. The four break sponsors are: MidWest Materials, Kenwal, Majestic Steel and Red Bud Industries.

All of our sponsors will have multiple people at the conference. Please take a moment and acknowledge their support during the conference.

Steel Market Update is a bit “odd” when we look at possible exhibitors at our conference. We actually turn down companies that we do not feel will provide value to our attendees. We also limit the number as we do not want to flood the available space with exhibitors. This year we have Alan Beaulieu’s ITR Economics exhibiting for the third year, we have the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association (ASD) for the second year and the Georgia Ports Authority for the second year. We have added a number of new companies this year: SnapShot Interactive, Sellers 3PL, Oaklins Member Firm: Heritage Capital Group, Alcos and SMU will have a booth where you can ask questions, get help with the App, talk about our workshops and custom programs and maybe even sign up to be a new member to our newsletter/website. Please take some time to visit each and every booth during the conference.

Brett Linton

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