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Domestic scrap tags flat in April

Written by Ethan Bernard

April scrap prices came in sideways in the US, as many expected, sources told SMU.

“Things were steady in the April trade,” according to one scrap source. He said he believed two mills needed to build up inventory.

The source noted that “with the rising flat rolled market, and maybe some positive macro news, (they) didn’t want to risk material drying up for them when they really need it in May and June.”

“Once those two large buyers announced sideways pricing, everyone else seemed to fall in line,” he added. 

Looking ahead, he says everyone he speaks with has turned bullish for May. However, some of their views were tempered. 

“That includes a lot of people who when asked how bullish they are, respond saying they don’t think the market will be down,” the source said.

Another source also voiced optimism for next month.

“The May market, although too early to call at this point, should be moderately stronger,” he said.  “Steel mill outages and cutbacks will be out of the way, so demand should be better.”

A third source said most participants view April as the bottom of the market. “Expectations for May are a strong sideways as demand increases.”  

SMU’s April scrap pricing stands at:

  • Busheling at $400-420 per gross ton (gt), averaging $410, flat from March.
  • Shredded at $390-415/gt, averaging $402.50, flat from March.
  • HMS at $310-350/gt, averaging $330, up $5 from March.

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